Maybe Ray Ozzie can change Microsoft…

Boy, that “Microsoft is not evil” comment from BuzzOutLoud is going to continue to grow with Ray Ozzie’s new stuff.

Microsoft’s Simple Sharing Extension for RSS is being released under the Creative Commons license Attribution share-alike license.

And it answers one of my biggest complaints about the way Microsoft has done things for developers. To quote but we decided we’d never get short term network effects among products if we selected something complicated – even if it were powerful. What we really longed for was “the RSS of synchronization” … something simple that would catch on very quickly.

That’s the spirit!

What’s funny is that he uses a Lotus Notes example to show what’s he talking about:

Notefiles replicate by using a very simple mechanism based on GUID assignment, with clocks and tie-breakers to detect and deterministically propagate modifications. Something like this could easily be represented in XML.

Now we’re talking!

Ray Ozzie: Really Simple Sharing