Markus Talks to Steve Ballmer

Ok, while he didn’t mention FoxPro(!), long-time Fox and Visual Studio speaker and publisher, Markus Egger, interviews Steve Ballmer and asks that all important question:

“What’s your favorite X-Box Game?”

Actually, the interview covers a number of topics including offshore development and importing of programmers (hmm — Markus is from Austria but now lives in Houston), the Tablet PC (Markus’ favorite toy for the past few years it seems and now with the election networks showing the Tablet PC in a number of key areas), open source, and Visual Studio Team System.

Sure, it’s Ballmer – so you should expect some marketing propaganda (I still don’t think he gets what’s the “next big thing” – seems he should have asked Scoble to talk about it – as he did here – yes, it’s important to have things that “just work” but that’s a goal, not a technology.)

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