Lost and Found Again: MindManager on the Pocket PC

Regular readers may know that I am a big fan of Mindjet’s MindManager tool – I started using it after hearing about it being a killer application for the Tablet PC and then just wanted to use it for everything. Unfortunately the last version that had a real version for the Pocket PC was 2002. I’m now on the latest version (7) which totally rocks and had just finished sending a “when will you get a mobile version?” to the company when I bothered to look in the forums and sure enough, found a link to this little tool. Pocket Mindmap

It supports all of the key features and best yet, if you only have an older version of MindManager, it’s compatible with that version as well.

I think everyone has done this in the past – complain about something and then when you scratch a little further, you find the solution  – I also appreciate it’s a pet peeve for just about every company. I know I’ve seen it a lot in development forums where information is just about everywhere and nowhere all at once – but it’s also in other areas as well (as I found out with this case).

Definitely a case of “look before you type”

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