Looking to edit an old help file?

If you’ve looked on the right-side of my blog, you’ll know that I have a Giveaway of the Day link that updates regularly. Usually the stuff is pretty low-key and not always useful for the developer (maybe some file organizers, disk maintenance , etc).

But today (and since it only lasts for one day – you have 12 hours as of this post to get it), they are providing a CHM Editor.

What does it do? I was skeptical at first but it works amazing well.

It opens a CHM file and displays it in its original index format but then on the right side, you have a full WYSIWYG editor to edit the actual text of the CHM file (no need to have any project files or anything – now I’m sure there’s possibly a legal issue here – because you could edit someone else’s CHM files).

They promote it primarily as a way to translate help files but this is also really handy if you need to fix an old help file and don’t have the original source files.

And it works really well. Check it out but realize you only have a few hours before it runs out !

Giveaway of the Day ยป CHM Editor

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