Live Meeting 2005 Launch

So they’re coming up with a New Episode for the Apprentice.

They have to come up with the “next generation” software product – all showing the Whiteboard for brain-storming.

So now Mark Burnett loads in his own spreadsheet.

Features –
Drag and drop Excel spreadsheet into the meeting view. That’s kind of cool.

Now of course, they open it up to the Polling capability. If you’ve never done this in a meeting before, it’s kind of cool but it DOES require a lot of members to get it working well (I’ve used the polling feature and you really need to have a lot of people to make it effective).

The winning idea? Corporate Daycare.

However, one of the cool ideas is that they intend to use Live Meeting on the Apprentice (Season 4). Donald Trump with a mouse? Oh that should be rich.

Neat collaboration from around the world.

Still, one of the comments was asking about video – to which the answer was “not available yet – maybe in a future release”. Webex DOES have video now.