Learning VFP 102: Scope

Craig Boyd just posted his Learning VFP 102 : All about Scope (not the mouthwash), he also discusses arrays.

Great stuff Craig!

One of the things I wish he had for this was a “take-away” or some kind of call-out that popped out on top to tell people what he was saying about important rules. Sure he gives out the source code but cheat sheets would be really helpful!

One note: great example for using DEBUGOUT.

So I’ll start doing some on these take-aways. Although you may also want to refer to Andy Kramek’s two part article as well.

Part I

His Guidelines

1. Stay away from public variables. Use screen properties instead for global objects or create a property on your form. Try and avoid them.

2. Also avoid private variables. (huh? – and he really didn’t explain why.) Ah – he did mention on the side – send them as parameters instead.

3. Always remember to declare your variables. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. ( I just did a screen cast with Ed Leafe about Dabo where they don’t call them non-strongly typed variables, they call them “Dynamic” instead.)

4. Use Local Arrays. If you need to share arrays, don’t use Private – send it in as a parameter. Ah, Andy Kramek had a better suggestion a while back – pass it as an object!

One other suggestion – run the online on a high resolution – I was set to 1024×800 and I still couldn’t see it well at all. The videos are available online and in SWF format.