Languages that never took off

Markus points us over to this great take from – what I find funny is that I remember when TWO of these products (Delphi and PowerBuilder) were touted as FoxPro killers.

Ghosts in the Machine: 12 Coding Languages That Never Took Off – Software Developer

I don’t know if I would agree with the entire list – but it was interesting to learn the final fate of VRML (which I had hoped would take off) but has now been supplanted with so many other technologies.

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1 thought on “Languages that never took off”

  1. I’m glad to see they didn’t put VFP on there. It doesn’t deserve to be of course, but if you’re uninformed you might not know that.

    I can’t tell why brainfuck never took off. Imagine putting that on your resumé, “Yes I’m very good at brainfuck. I have three certs in brainfuck and impressed everyone with my brainfuck abilities.”

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