Kok Kiet’s Blog: New FoxPro WebRAD Tool : FoxFusion

Yes the actual site is in French but hey! here’s a great example of FoxPro running with COM, IIS and more. The sample apps are quite interesting (I can’t get the Timer working but the FoxChat is fun to look at – note IE Only – no firefox support there)

Brought to you apparently by Ikoonet

Thanks to Kok Kiet for pointing this one out.

Kok Kiet’s Blog: New FoxPro WebRAD Tool : FoxFusion

1 thought on “Kok Kiet’s Blog: New FoxPro WebRAD Tool : FoxFusion”

  1. i’m the writer of Foxfusion,

    I’ have found this message after looking about the bad new’s of 13 march 2007.

    thank’s for you comment.

    In the first version of firefox it doesn’t include the equivalent of msxml.http from microsoft, that’s it the reason the time application doesn’t work.

    We made made Ajax before the word exist.

    Now my society is equivalent to chapter 11 in usa law but in france.

    Some society are interested about foxfusion and a goal are comming.



    For mail remove “remooove” include underscore

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