Knock Knock – It’s Andy and Marcia calling on security

The September issue of FoxTalk has an interesting article on security from Andy Kramek and Marcia Atkins that noted GenMenux, a public domain tool I wrote quite a while ago (93/94). It’s nice to know this tool is still very much in use by the VFP community, even though there haven’t been many (any) updates in the past few years. That’s mostly because there haven’t been many reasons for updates to it. It works in FoxPro 2x and all versions of VFP.

Tamar Granor asked a while ago about how to handle Most Recently Used (MRU) with GENMENUX and it got me started on writing a driver for it. The tricky part is that you would have to use the driver’s defined tables, etc. It was written pretty quickly and I’m sure Tamar’s re-done it for some of her recent sessions at DevTeach and other shows. If you’re coming to DevCon, be sure to see how she’s implemented it.

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