Kevin Ragsdale’s Desktop Alerts Rock

So if you have ever wanted to have alerts pop-up like they do in Outlook, Kevin’s got a great screen cast that walks through how he did this in Excel. He also had his intro one back from Sept 25 – here’s the link so you know what he’s referring to.

Warning: the screencast takes some time to popup but it’s a very effective way of showing how this tool works, including from other applications such as within Excel.

I just added some basic toolbar Alerts to my application and now I’m totally jealous. I have to redesign it as Kevin’s implementation totally rocks!

Now the question is: where’s the code?

Kevin Ragsdale : Screencast: Desktop Alert Callbacks

1 thought on “Kevin Ragsdale’s Desktop Alerts Rock”

  1. Thanks, Andrew!

    I’ll be posting the code and whitepaper later this week.

    We’ll see if you still think it ‘rocks’ after you see the code. 🙂

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