Kevin Ragsdale: In DLL Hell

Kevin Ragsdale’s FoxPro Blog: DLL Hell Rears It’s Ugly Head

Kevin reports on a problem that I’ve also been hit with (but was never able to track down properly – it just “went away”).

The upgrade to VFP SP2 killed one of his apps – why? Invalid DLLs all over the place.

But Kevin notes some key items:

How To Avoid DLL Hell (not always sanctioned but it works and in this day, that’s more important than most else)
I changed my installer to just dump the VFP 9 SP2 runtimes into the folder where the app is installed.

But as Kevin notes:

“Install VFP 9 Service Pack 2. Today. Stop reading this, and go try it out. Try it on a test machine. Try it on Virtual PC. Just try it! Quit whining about what it might do to your apps, and go see for yourself. You’ll never know until you try.”