Ken Levy posts about two new Visual FoxPro 9.0 case studies

Both of these look really cool : a crime system and a resource manager.

Is your FoxPro application ready for a case study?

A lot of times you may feel a little unsure about offering it up. I know our Horizon trucking software, which is still running under VFP 8.0, has a lot of very cool features but how much of it is specific to a version of VFP? Possibly very little (although as soon as they move it to 9.0, I’m looking forward to the Auto-Complete feature being added)

But you can see by reading the case studies here, it’s often about what challenge the solution is solving, as opposed to which cool features you’re using.

You may think there are relatively few case studies on the MS web site but there are lots of people out there using FoxPro. As noted on Ken’s site, the Universal Thread had some great success stories and the Wiki has this page that highlights Who Uses VFP.

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