Ken Levy: Plans for Visual FoxPro beyond version 9.0 coming

Well there’s an old adage that ends with “you just might get it…” and Ken, while not spilling any proverbial beans, lets us know “the Visual FoxPro team has already started working on enhancing Visual FoxPro beyond version 9.0”

But what’s also important is that he warns “People should keep in mind that our goals and focus is on how Visual FoxPro apps run in 5+ years rather than on specific VFP IDE, engine, and language features.”

Well – there’s a wealth of suggestions on the Wiki but…

Hmmm….5 years…..MS has already made a very large push towards 64-bit and it reminded me of a comment that Steven Black ( I thought) had made on the Wiki (but I couldn’t find it) that seemed to suggest that VFP might be very ripe for a transition to a 64-bit environment.

(Update: from Ken and the VFP FAQ:
Q: Are there plans for Visual FoxPro to support 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system?

A: No. While Visual FoxPro will remain 32-bit and not natively use 64-bit addressing, it will run in 32-bit compatibility mode. Visual Studio 2005 will support creating native 64-bit applications.

Still – it looks like the Fox will be around for a few more years.

Looks like June will be very exciting. Can’t wait to see that Road map, Ken!

Ken Levy’s Blog : Plans for Visual FoxPro beyond version 9.0 coming in June