Ken Levy Clarifies

Wow – good to know Alex keeps up on the UT. That’s an interesting tidbit from Ken Levy that basically says exactly what people want to know:

“There won’t be anything announced about what the VFP team works on post version 9.0 until after we launch VFP 9.0”

What’s the version of Windows going to be after Longhorn? Jeez, people! VFP 9 is a phenomenal version. You want it to keep going – get people to buy it.

VFP is NOT a cash cow for Microsoft, unlike their other products. SQL Server pays them $$ every time someone installs a SQL Server application. VFP apps do not. SO the ONLY source of proof that MS has, that VFP is alive and well, is by sales of its Developer product.

The fact that VFP 9 is bundled with MSDN probably hurts it more than helps because people don’t have to actually buy it anymore.

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