Ken Levy and Sedna on Channel 9

Eric points to Ken’s videos of Visual FoxPro 9 and Sedna on channel 9.

In Prague, Ken referred to Sedna as the “next release of VFP” and a release of 2007 however if you watch the video, you’ll hear Ken talk about regular public updates so that all of that great extensibility Ken shows in the report designer is going to be available before then.

The way Ken describes Sedna in the video is , in my opinion, a much cleaner way of describing what Sedna is, beyond the roadmap. The roadmap goes out of its way to say this is “not a new release of VFP” but the video shows “vintage Ken” (I believe Scoble referred to him being prepared with the “swiss army knife of demos”) – going through these great features that the team is in the middle of adding (he added one feature the same day the video was done).

And the feeling that I got out of it was more of Sedna being a way for everyone to partake in the great things the FoxPro team is working on, beyond a new release.

The power of rebuilding Avalon apps in VFP is very cool.

Hey Fox Team – this video should be linked on the Sedna team blog!

Ken Levy and Sedna on Channel 9