Jun Tangunan’s Nicely Designed Controls

Just because a lot of cool stuff exists in VFPX doesn’t mean there are other sources for inspired design.Jun Tangunan has been showcasing a number of his creations on his Foxite site.

Following Craig Boyd’s lead to create “good-looking” applications, Jun’s collection currently includes:

– An awesome looking button class
– A custom TitleBar class
– A switchbox class
– A calendar sidebar class
– A non-ActiveX based Date Picker
Jun Tangunan : Presenting SSButton Class

I just wish Jun would put his goodies into VFPX so they can be packaged at some point.

Great work!

2 thoughts on “Jun Tangunan’s Nicely Designed Controls”

  1. THANK YOU. Where has this guy been hiding? The stuff he's creating in/for VFP is something every Foxhead ought to know about!!

    His blog should be entered in the list at http://fox.wikis.com/wc.dll?Wiki~BlogWatch.

    I wonder how many more of these guys/gems are hiding out there. The more these things show up, the more I truly believe that M$ has had no idea how VFP is being used and that abandoning it was a very bad idea.

  2. Jun Tangunan is a regular contributor in Foxite.

    He also maintains a blog, http://sandstorm36.blogspot.com>/.

    In 2012, he was chosen as the year's ambassador to Southwest Fox Conference.

    At the time of this writing, he is still very active with VFP and still making free useful classes for VFP developers out there.

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