Joel / Tamir on problems with MSF

Joel comments from Tamir about MSF :

“The trouble with MSF is that it starts with a group of successful developers, who are successful because they are resourceful, intelligent, experienced, well-meaning,….”

Actually, what I’ve found is the biggest problem with MSF is lack of buy-in from all partners. A good project is only as good as its weakest link because if there is one person who isn’t motivated to follow the best practices concept, then the whole project will eventually fall apart, despite the best intentions of everyone.

It isn’t so much about unskilled developers as much as it is about someone who’s attitude becomes “why bother?” or a manager who decides “this little R&D effort isn’t as important as my critical issue” so “everyone do what I say instead”. The end result is the impression is that MSF didn’t work when in fact, it’s more the implementation that failed. Classic problem with any project and any methodology.

It’s an interesting post though because it covers all kinds of things from unit testing and more.

Joel on Software – Monday, December 06, 2004