Is this really patentable?

I seem to recall that if I pull out my phone or wireless device and bring up a web browser, it immediately takes me to the local hotspot anyways. So what is the patent here? That you won’t charge me for it if I agree to see your ads?

That isn’t a patent – that’s a business offering. Can I patent the fact that countries don’t have to put their flag on a planet when they arrive if they choose to put Or better yet – how about I patent the idea that people who streak should only be allowed to do so when wearing an online casino ad?

I hope the USPTO smartens up and says you can’t patent advertising – if so, then any ad that uses silhouettes can be sued by Apple, which might make up for their upcoming loss of logo in iTunes.

Google employees’ wireless patents published | Tech News on ZDNet

Update: here’s a link to the original post but I do want to state for the record that I’m NOT against the concept – I’m simply against its patentability. I personally look forward to having ads and content that are specific to me, provided they are done in an unobtrusive manner. They have the information already – I would rather they say “Did you like our last recommendation?” rather than “try product x” – when I’ve already got it.