iPhoto vs. Movie Maker?

I read this post on PresentationZen and was left wondering after viewing the output (very nice slideshow by the way), what does this have that Movie Maker doesn’t?

I have been doing identical types of movies with Windows Movie Maker for the past two years. But now the real differences start coming out. It should be easy but Anil hits it on the head. Microsoft seems to enjoy making things difficult. I had to install SQL Express for a client. Was that an experience. Thankfully, Rick noted that you have to turn ON Remote connections and even then, it was a mess of too many clicks. At least I didn’t have to restart it.

But also the name makes all the difference. Microsoft’s naming conventions kill me. I can never find Internet Explorer 7 Beta in my Add Programs control panel. Why not? Is it called Microsoft Internet Explorer 7? How about just Internet Explorer 7 – no it’s called Windows Internet Explorer 7. Which is weird – because when I run it – it says Internet Explorer.

I could go on and on.

So what tool would you rather use? One called iPhoto or one called Windows Movie Maker. I use Windows – I get the fact that a program I’m using is going to work under Windows – why put it into the title?

I guess it fits with the “Live” option as well. Everything from Microsoft used to say Microsoft, then Windows, then MSN and now Live.

Apple on the other hand just puts an “i” in front of everything. Maybe MS should just put a “w” instead – although trying to explain how to pronounce wMovie might be tricky!

Go figure.

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