Interviewing Steve Jobs (and the basics of freedom to steal)

Interesting that he didn’t bring up the Apple lawsuit!

Apple Computer only has the license to the name because they promised NEVER to get into the music business (to compete with Apple Records by the Beatles)! There’s a lawsuit pending and we’ll only get this resolved ages from now.

I use MusicNow (YES! – it’s on Subscription) and have to say I really like it – although in a few days, I will be receiving an AudioTron unit from and if it can’t play Apple iTunes songs or MusicNow songs, I will never download from those sites.

Artists deserve the rights to be paid for their music. Those who want to download it for free – you know, enjoy it but if you really enjoy it, BUY IT!!! This is like kids who taped records for their friends – if you really wanted it, you would go out and buy it.

I buy music all the time – I don’t download it now because I subscribe and I love the idea. This is why people like NetFlix – you subscribe and you get it when you want it.

In this day and age, we subscribe for everything – cable, internet, heat, hydro, gas , water, taxes – why not music and movies?

The thing is that I pay for it and I feel good about paying for it. I don’t want to get things from someone who worked at it for free – I want to pay people for what they do. Those that get into the OpenSource idea – yes, it’s great to give stuff out for free (I’ve done it – I’m not being a hypocrite) – but you do it because you like what you get in return. It’s not about flooding a marketplace, it’s not about screwing companies that try to make money – it’s about creation. The same principal as those who make music.

The BOOST is that people want to hear it so much that they want to PAY for it. They want to enjoy it. They want to get the inside scoop – and those who want to enjoy it without giving credit where credit is due (in other words, money or even at least promoting the benefits of paying for it) are not just “getting away” with music but really doing everyone who does something creative a huge disservice.

(and yes, that includes people I know who copy things illegally and gloat about it)

You Use It – Pay For It!