If you blog, support the EFF

Saw this on Anil Dash‘s site.

It’s important to every single blogger out there today, even the ones who just want to talk tech. The US recently followed suit to Canada where any kind of commentary on a blog is akin to being a political contribution. I’m not typically political on this blog but I do want to support organizations who do stand for protecting our rights. The RIAA has shut down Mashuptown who went out of their way to promote the artist’s iTunes records.

So why support the EFF? Because they are supporting you and your rights:

– blog anonymously

– keep sources confidential (think how Mini-Msft must feel)

– Fair use of intellectual property (you do quote sources don’t you?)

– Allow Reader’s Comments

– Freely blog about elections

– Blog about work (but be smart about it!)

– Access as media

Check out the EFF’s How to Blog Safely guide.