How would you reach Fox developers?

Eric Sink writes a great post about marketing to developers: How would you reach YOU?

I read this and immediately thought of Kevin’s Keynote post – how surprised he was with the people who were hearing the announcement for the first time.

Obviously the FoxPro community has a lot of different avenues: devcons, user groups, forums, podcasts, magazines and perhaps more importantly, right within the product itself, the task pane.

So why are developers not hearing about the news? What can we do to make it clearer?

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3 thoughts on “How would you reach Fox developers?”

  1. The fact is that perhaps 1,000 or so fox developers are “in the know,” in the sense of being in the actively communicating fox community. This isn’t a bad thing: it means that it’s possible to be productive on a daily basis without having constant communication with those who have had additional experience. Try developing in WPF without being in constant contact (at least reading) communication…

    For the most part, these developers (and I know .Net developers who are the same) don’t care to be reached: they just care about doing what they view as their job. We probably ought to simply respect their wishes.

  2. I’m struggling to get the word out about FoxForward. Last year, a developer learned about the conference on the day it began. I’m making posts in every location I can think of, short of paying for advertising.

  3. Kevin’s comment and yours resonate for me. For Southwest Fox, we’re trying hard to figure out how to reach those VFP developers who aren’t plugged into all the online communities, the ones who maybe read a magazine now and then and may or may not have any VFP books on their desks.

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