How do you name your product?

Agreed Craig – Clipper Summer 87 was a riot – although it was kind of funny how long it lasted and by the time they came out with a new version (was that 5.0? – I can’t remember), everyone had already moved off of it.

Still – I have to say , naming it 2005 is a lot better than naming it DotNet as MS did before they realized they would have to then have additional Dots to identify the version. Visual Studio.Net.1.2(Build 2321)June 5-2006-0400ZULU would not have made for a useful version #.

It gets worse when you consider FoxPro related products. Remember how VFP skipped over VFP 4 because they wanted to introduce a standard version for all MS Dev products and bring it in line with VB 5.0 at that time. We all have to remember that because it makes the argument of MS versioning not supporting a 10.0 product moot. (sorry Rick couldn’t resist that one)

And then we have the community tools – does Visual FoxPro Express 3.0 work with VFP 7, will Foxfire! 8.0 work with older versions and the confusion continues….

At least they didn’t try to come up with an acronym like XP – because we would eventually get to Windows ZZ – (in other words, Windows Snooze) to be followed by Windows AAA (Windows Attacking Apple’s Area )