Hope your last name isn’t Bryant…(or Guei)

Wow – it’s moved from Nigeria to the UK now…just got an email
“My name is Susan Bryant, I am an artist with my husband Tommy Bryant, We own Sus Art World in London(United Kingdom)I live in London United Kingdom, with my two kids, four cats, one dog and the love of my life my husband Tommy Bryant.”

and of course it goes on to say “I’ll give you 10%” for every transaction on my money orders”…

Well it’s to be expected – Microsoft said they would work with Nigeria to crack down on it – so now the spammers move around.

Shakespeare needs to be updated: First you kill all the lawyers, then the spammers, then the phishers…

Update: (and now an email from Sarah Guei from Cote d Ivoire as well. I really do feel for the people whose names actually match the spammers – they must show up on every no-receive list everywhere)

1 thought on “Hope your last name isn’t Bryant…(or Guei)”

  1. Why can’t these people try to do something honest? I would be glad to help them if it could be proven that they are non spammers. Stop and think how much trouble this stuff could cause me and my family. Send this to the FBI and get rid of them.

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