Hmmm….could SolutionExplorer have a continuous integration component?

After reading this post from Eric Sink, I was intrigued about CruiseControl and if it could be made to work with VFP.

It doesn’t sound like it but the concept is something that might play very well with similar concepts in VFP.
This article describes it:
What is CruiseControl.NET – Confluence

In VFP, one could imagine setting up a dedicated folder for Production Builds and then monitoring the source control repository. When an update is made, it automatically downloads it (this part could all happen with CruiseControl if it would recognize VFP components) and then it would run a build on a specific project.

Is anyone doing this today?

This also reminded me of this post by josborn.

Which reminds me, Craig/Scott – didn’t Solution Explorer mention some kind of cool integration pieces….

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