Canadian Heritage – Update, Improve and Excel

Mr. MacNeill provided development and support for the latest versions of the Tax Credit Online System, also known as GCBO, starting in the fall of 2015 to its most recent version in 2021, delivering enhanced usability and client-side performance for online applications. Mr. MacNeill has been one of the lead architects behind the new web-based version for the system, using .NetCore API and Vue for a more responsive interface. Mr. MacNeill has acted as a representative of the PCH development group for both internal and external clients in a series of engagement meetings, helping the change management process.

Mr. MacNeill assisted with the knowledge transfer for internal staff on the various CRM 2015 systems as they moved to the Dynamics 365 environment (GCCase). Mr MacNeill also configured and completed the development of the Dynamics interface with the Roedl Dynamics Adapter, allowing information to pass from Dynamics CRM into legacy systems through web services. Mr. MacNeill analyzed new requirements for a new version of the CAVCO Tax Credit Online system that delivered better validation, performance improvements and enhanced communication with clients and assisted in the development and delivery of the updated system. He spear-headed the new engagement approach in use with the system, meeting regularly with both internal and external client base to upgrade a ten-year old system to a modern day system.

Mr. MacNeill:

  • Led GCBO Development team through scrum, iterative-driven release cycle, migrating from single release to quarterly release cycle
  • Designed and developed DotNet Core API and Vue/Quasar/npm implementation of web-based system planned for 2020 release
  • Designed a generic data entry interface for non-database systems migrating to an online platform
  • Provided analysis, migration and knowledge transfer on Dynamics 365 products migration to GCCase environment
  • Provided Dynamics CRM solution analysis on existing and upcoming projects
  • Automated Testing and Build processes using Team Foundation Services
  • Designed and built business intelligence reports using SQL Server Reporting Services  designed through pivot tables (cubes), stored procedures, customized views and a data warehouse
  • Deployed web and desktop based solutions in secured GCKey environment
  • Updated complex Crystal Reports integrated into the web-based system
  • Led internal and external Client Focus Groups in both English and French to identify and analyze new requirements
  • Developed a .Net and Python solution to automate the delivery of dashboards using Tableau Desktop/Reader
  • Integrated the Dynamics CRM environment with legacy back-end systems with the Roedl Dynamics Adapter, ensuring new initiatives would work during the transition period.
  • Upgraded functionality in Dynamics CRM applications to meet new requirements from client groups
  • Worked with clients in CAVCO unit to determine requirements and feasible solutions in the quick delivery of a new program service and enhanced functionality for the online and back-office system
  • Provided analysis and team leading for the GCIMS/GCLinks development team in preparation for a new release
  • Designed SSRS, Crystal, Tableau reports and assisted in ongoing operations of the Grants & Contributions system

Technologies Used: Visual Studio 2012-2019, TFS, Vue, npm, Quasar, Next, AzureDevOps, SQL Server 2005-2016, JavaScript, ASP.Net, Tableau, DevExpress, Python, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PowerApps, Dynamics 365, Roedl Dynamics CRM Data Adapter.