Here, There and AlphaAnywhere

I had a great conversation last week with Richard Rabins from AlphaSoftware.  Long time Fox developers might remember Alpha 5 – that’s the same company but they now have an offering called Alpha Anywhere which is a fast way of generating HTML 5 based solutions for web-based and mobile based solutions. Before you think about “yet another HTML 5 App generator”, while you can do client-side javascript, you can also do server side scripting with their language, which is very similar to VFP.  They’ve also got a fairly well known CTO, Dan Bricklin (of Visicalc fame). He’s done a lot of “native” development for iOs and various platforms so it’s interesting for him to jump into the full HTML 5.

They have a demo version you can look at to get started but are also filled with lots of AlphaAnywhere.

I’m going to be publishing our talk in a FoxShow next week but one of the great things for Fox developers is that he’s hoping to be at the SW Fox conference in October. Sounds like there’s going to be a lot of HTML 5 being spoken at SW Fox this year.

Update: The show has been posted here