Help! My code is suboptimal!

You’ve got to hand it to SourceGear – not only do they make great products but they make it fun to get swag!

I always wonder if any of the “offers/pleas” companies come out with will even apply to outside the US – I’m happy to see that this one does.

As you can see, (Eric Sink) the Evil Mastermind has me completely at his mercy – he’s even got me living in a grey world with fireballs in my hands.

And the full comic is really great as well – where’s issue #2? Also, where can I get code-monkeys from?

If you don’t know who SourceGear is, they became hugely popular with the SourceOffSite tool, which made VisualSourceSafe useable over the Internet and have since branched out with Vault (a SQL server based VSS system) and Fortress, a SCM tool (x-ray vision goggles not included – or are they?). They also make the great (and free) Diffmerge tool