Happy Birthday Apple

Well, I still haven’t been able to switch back yet (due to my love for a certain database that USED to run on a Mac – and yes, I know I can do it with Virtual PC but that’s not the same thing) but I still believe in the Macintosh Way and I still have my original Mac Plus sitting in my office ready to play Dark Castle whenever needed.

Funny to think about my first FoxBase+/Mac application. Back then, I had to rely on Compuserve to get online. Thirty years – if you look at the timeline, it actually ends up being only a few major product and innovation highlights and yet the mystique lives on.

I remember back in 1991 seeing how Apple was changing the world of architecture with Paul Wollstencraft (or something similar), showcasing virtual walk-throughs and more. Stuff we’re just NOW starting to see come alive again on the web via stuff like Sketchup. Yes, it was still too hard but it was there.

I’m glad Steve is back and in control. When I first saw the Next OS, I drooled. When I saw it build an application, generating the code simply by dragging and dropping before ANY other tool had it – it was like watching magic. He makes Apple deliver innovation (even if the iPod Hi-fi is terribly un-innovative).

Congratulations on making a difference.