H600 Wireless Headphones Gotcha

Just a note on the Logitech H600 found from eHow but the comment was buried and only available via the Google Cache so I thought I would repost it here.

I’m using an H600 with a MacBook Pro. It stopped charging and I didn’t know why. I came across this gem:


My Logitech Headset 350 Won’t Work | eHow.com

had trouble with my h600 logitech headset not charging. I just got a steady orange light. I couldn’t find much help online but what I did do was unplug my headset turned the computer off for about 5 mins and even unplugged the computer. I tuened it back on , plugged in my headset and viola! it started to blink slowly and is now charging. I hope this helps someone else.

So I took the USB wire out , tried it on a AC charger (didn’t work) but then went down and plugged it into my PC – it started recharging as expected.

I’ll update this to see if it completely dies again. I hope not – I’ve been having terrible luck with all my wireless headsets (Blueant died, Plaintronics died and my original Logitech did too).

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