Great Lakes Last Day

Last day of Great Lakes….not a lot of activity in the trade show but definitely saw a lot of people yesterday and this morning.

Picked up Kerry Neitz’s FoxTales book (heavily promoted by Toni Feltman of F1) about war stories from Fox Software (available from Hentzenwerke

Rich Simpson’s ReportEngine control still continues to amaze…during the show, he developed a way to do real cut and paste while running a report (huh? Imagine copying a Visio or Project diagram and pasting it directly into a VFP report while it’s running – very cool).

Drew Speedie put me on the spot on Monday night (‘hey Andrew! how’s that TB?’) right during his MaxFrame presentation. Maybe I’ll sic “Muffy” on him…

Nice to see some familiar faces…and put faces to names (Laura, Dan Greenberg, etc)

The next big show? Russ Swall’s Essential Fox next June. What will happen? Well bets were being laid as to who would provide the best “deathmatch” – Whil vs. Ken, Steve vs. JP, Muffy vs. Drew….make your bets now…

Got some great feedback on the new FF! 8.0 – it’s coming soon so be sure to check out the beta at!