Great FoxPro Posts for May 3/2007

There are a LOT of FoxPro blogs out there today – many more than when I first started blogging back in 2003. Even more so, however, are there some great posts on ways to do things. While I try to link to each and every one, I don’t always get the chance

Here are some links to the ones I have found valuable and interesting recently here in case you missed them:

Doug Hennig on Working with Tasks in Vista: How To and then Elevating

Calvin Hsia on Fixing the BorderStyle Paint problem with Vista Area

(all these posts aren’t about Vista – I’m not even running Vista, neither is Kevin as noted here– in fact, Trish is running Vista and she continually talks about wanting to move back to XP – it may be more secure but the constant asking “do you want to run” almost reminds me of Clippy saying “It looks like you’re writing a letter, can I help?”)

Vassilag – Vector Drawings with GDI+

Tod McKenna – the Mysterious Replace command and his improved Median function (among others)

Randy Jean – exploring VFP on Rails (er, FoxTrails)

What FoxPro coding posts or sites have you found particularly useful recently?

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