Google Accelerator hogging memory?

I just looked at my notebook which was up during the weekend. While the one page loaded was Newsgator (and not much else), Windows was reporting low virtual memory. I took a look at the task manager. Egad!!

I wonder what it was accelerating that required it to take over a third of my computer’s memory.

Since Firefox is also known to be a bit of a memory hog when it’s been running for prolonged periods of time, it’s always a good idea to shut down Firefox (and maybe even Google Accelerator) when not in use. Anyone else seen this?

1 thought on “Google Accelerator hogging memory?”

  1. I’ve seen the same thing as well on my P4 XP Pro laptop. I opted to uninstall the software instead of fighting with it! Might there be a memory leak?

    And your advice about shutting down Firefox (my preferred browser) is right on. I have a bad habit of walking away from my computer for days, only to return and see Firefox all but responsive.

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