Gnomedex: Why No Real RSS Feeds?

This really bugs me. Chris!!!! Give me FULL RSS Feeds. I use NewsGator and I have your feed on my trail but the fact that I can’t read your posts without having to GO to your web site PISSES ME OFF to no extent.

I can appreciate why Robert does it with his link blog but your site should not be “short-cut”. Please give me access to the whole content.


(a dumb user note: if you have a feed link where you DO provide full content, please email it to me at – and hey! if you spam me, I don’t care – it’s going in the trash) — Thanks.

Gnomedex Participants: Round Two (Chris Pirillo)

6 thoughts on “Gnomedex: Why No Real RSS Feeds?”

  1. Silly rabbit.

    Chris’s RSS feed is just like his newsletters – teasers to get you to go to his site so that he can sell you something. That’s his business. Some of us – you and I – give away our blog information as a service to the community and also as advertising for our businesses – clients hire us because we are experts in the field. Chris’ business model is different – he wants to sell you ebooks, get you to click on sites on his link – that’s his business (I think).

    Don’t like it? Don’t read it. I stopped for precisely that reason – too high of an advertising-to-information ratio.

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