Gator Feature: Custom Newspages

I found this out from the forum but I thought I would share it here because there are some gotchas with this.
So you’ve switched from FeedDemon to NewsGator but find yourself missing the Newspaper view (like I did). Fear not – you can do the same thing with NewsGator , at least to some effect.
First: group your feeds into logical folders. For example, all my Fox community blogs are in a folder called FoxFeeds, all my MS feeds are in another folder called MS Blogs, etc, etc)
Then right-click on the group folder (FoxFeeds, MS Blogs) and choose Properties.
Click to the Home Page folder and set the home page to be “file:c:progra~1newsga~1NewsPgSF.htm”
Be sure to check the option to Make it your default view for the folder then sit back and enjoy!
True, it doesn’t do columns and sections like FeedDemon but it’s still VERY slick and all within Outlook!

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