FW: Cool VFP stuff – Field repositories (by John Koziol)

The real question is.-. When does this get into vfp? Giving visual foxpro oop data management would be totally amazing!

Maybe in the next version…

“A field repository is kind of like domains in other databases or parent classes in OOP terms. You can create and maintain a repository of fields with attributes that are maintained by linking table fields with the repository fields. Any change in the repository get implemented in tables using the shared fields.

Using a field repository, though, LastName C(30) would be a shared, common field and guarantees the attributes are exactly the same from table to table. So, as I said before, you gain in your data some of the RAD pros you get from using object parent classes. Kind of a data structural inheritance.

Several VFP tools, commercial and public domain, incorporate this concept under a variety of names. Cool concept.”


http://blogs.msdn.com/vsdata/archive/2004/04/29/123366.aspx | Comments