FW: Are You Professional?

Last night I watched the college basketlall game between Fullerton and Utah State. A local station picked up the feed from a southern California station. The SoCal station was responsible for all the production of game. For an organization that is supposed to be professional, it sure did look like amateur night. Here are just a few things that were wrong:

* The announcers constantly mispronounced the name of Mike Ahmad

* The announcers constantly referred to Utah State as Utah, which is a difference school with a different team and a different coach and even in a different city.

* The play-by-play announcer seemed to get lost at times. There would be dead silence as things were happening on the court

* Several times the camera was swishing around or the picture was switched to a different camera with such a bad angle that you missed seeing the play

* The graphics operator couldn’t keep up with the score and sometimes gave the basket to the wrong team.

Today I got thinking about this and comparing it to what we do in our own computer business. Do you treat our customers as intelligent people? Do you really try to act in a professional manner and not just say you are a professional? Do you do mediocre work? Do you do your best day in and day out? Do you engage in professional development on a regular basis? Do you work and improving your computer and business skills?

I have a poster on my wall that I got from Despair, Inc. The poster has a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The caption reads, “Mediocrity — It takes alot less time and most people won’t notice the difference until it’s too late.” Don’t be mediocre. Work at doing the job in the best way possible.