Free Software Reduxe

Ted Roche ( believed my earlier thoughts on free software were an attack on the Open-source community, confusing free (speech) with free (beer). They aren’t and I’m not.
It’s more about how careless ZDNet is in promoting the idea of more “free software” (web browsers, media players, etc) and it threatens to make the software industry profitable for those who are in it. In fact, even open-source providers (Lindows, for one – what’s their new name now?) do request some kind of payment, albeit small.
If you use software that people are offering for free, check into it – they may be requesting donations, or a subscription or something along those lines. Good for them. If it works, it’s worth whatever you pay into it.
Hopefully now, my thoughts have been clarified. Thanks for making sure my typing was following through on my thoughts, Ted.