Framework Review: The Calm before the storm

I know I’ve been warned but something tells me I’ll be getting a lot of “feedback” from people on my Framework reviews. For one, not enough detail. For others, I whitewashed it. Can’t keep everyone happy so let me just say right now:
The purpose of the framework reviews in FoxPro Advisor is to help developers who are looking for a framework see what is out there and what is involved in picking up a new framework. So if a framework doesn’t have an application helper or something that helps a new user get started but is simply a blob of procedures, it’s obviously not as easy to pick up as something with an Application Generator. But I WILL be trying to get under the hood so readers can see how difficult or easy it is to expand on stuff. Since we have limited space, I am deliberately going to focus on how quickly you can build an application, how difficult it is to change the application and how much learning you have to do to make it worthwhile. I’ll also be making note of my wish list for each framework.
For those who care, the order that I’ll be approaching frameworks is (at this stage): FoxPro Application Wizard (November), Visual FoxExpress (December), Visual MaxFrame Professional (January), Mere Mortals (February), Visual FoxExtend (March), CodeMine (April). Everything of course, is subject to change. If you know of a framework out there, please let me know about it and I’ll add it to the list.
Thanks. Hope you enjoy reading them.