FoxTabs lives!

I was concerned a while back about where had gone – it’s nice to see that
Craig Bailey has re-forwarded it to the FoxTabs page on this blog.

If you haven’t played with FoxTabs before, it totally rocks! And it definitely gets around – I was speaking to one of my colleagues about various tools – and when he shared his screen, there it was! (and no, I hadn’t told him about it!)

Sadly, on the site, he does note that the SolutionExplorer itself has been put on hold. That’s too bad as too many great FoxPro projects get put on hold while developers have to grapple with daily life. Still, we can get some ideas about what it was all about from the original powerpoint.

It’s still a great idea – maybe this concept will lend itself slightly to what Craig, Bo and Alan are working on…until then, however, I may have to come up with my own workaround for it…