FoxShow Returns with a screencast on FoxTrails

I had spoken earlier about VFP on Rails, which unfortunately had to be renamed (Rails was very smartly trademarked by 37Signals so Brian has decided to rename it Fox Trails – which is very cool.

I finished off my screen cast (the actual podcast is still forthcoming) and you can check it out below- (apologies to the audio, we were on speakerphone so it made it kind of hard to clean up)

The Fox Show podcast: News, reviews and training on Visual FoxPro

but yes, the FoxShow is back – ideally more than monthly but at least monthly for all FoxPro developers. If you have a product that you want to showcase or technology you want to talk about, drop me a line. (as always, there is no charge to be showcased on the FoxShow – we want the Fox WORD out!!!)

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