Foxpro – The Evolution of a New Standard

Want a blast from the past?

Check out this 1990 ad for FoxPro 2.0 up on YouTube. Foxpro – The Evolution of a New Standard

Not sure, where it played but very cool to watch.
Lots of footage with Dr. Dave but also some great cameos with Adam Green, Tom Rettig, Richard Grossman, Pat Adams, Walt Kennamer, George Goley, (not sure about some of the others: Lucy Lockwood, Michael Masterson)

memo fields: “text processing…the single biggest new market opened up by FoxPro”

I remember when 2.0 first came out for DOS (I was building apps with 1.1 as well as FoxBase+Mac)

There’s another funny one here back from 1993 featuring Brad and Karen – I guess this is back when Microsoft’s marketing budget wasn’t quite as big.

Now we need a VFPX video! –  oh yeah, there’s an older promo one right here.

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