FoxPro Hits into eWeek

Mary Jo is certainly doing her part keeping FoxPro in the news with her new post:
FoxPro Developers Prep for Microsoft ‘Sedna’

Interesting quote: “While Microsoft doesn’t state it quite so bluntly, Visual FoxPro’s foremost competitors are Visual Studio, Microsoft Access and SQL Server. That explains in large part why the Redmond software vendor isn’t jumping through hoops for Visual FoxPro.”

Who needs Microsoft to jump through hoops? FoxPro developers are the ones who make DATA jump through hoops.

I’m involved in a number of data conversion processes where applications are moving over to DotNet and I’m STILL going back to Visual FoxPro for building the tools that Visual Studio simply doesn’t include – sorry – not doesn’t include but rather hides amongst all of its other features.

Case in point: I needed to build an XSL sheet based on a table’s XML result set. Nothing comes close to VFP’s text-handling functions – it just rocks!