FoxPro Does Windows

Vassilis Aggelakos shows us how Visual FoxPro really does windows. That’s a cool looking application. Reminds me of Visio and Vassilis notes that the UI concepts came from Ken Chazotte’s book.

A great quote: “We have tried the same project in the past with Visual Basic, PowerBuilder and C++ but sooner or later all these tries failed because we couldn’t succeed an acceptable balance between Budget – Time and Features”

Sounds familiar to my conversations with some other developers at larger companies. Now, I know many will come back and say “well that’s because they didn’t know how” but that’s entirely the point.

Learning how to program can be easy – IF the tools are done right. Now I’m not saying that FoxPro always does it the right way – but large projects always seem to go off the rails when a new language is used and when the results look as good as that, go for it!

Vassilis Aggelakos : What I have done with VFP, GDI+, and a ton of help from VFP Community (OR why VFP is COOL)