FoxPro 9.0 News – July 2004 – Letter from Ken Levy

Ken’s latest letter lets everyone know that VFP 9 is on course for release by end of the year, which is great news.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, DO IT NOW! I use it as my primary dev environment and then simply recompile the apps in VFP 8 for release purposes.

Of course, if you’ve got a new project that won’t be released until next year, VFP 9 is CERTAINLY the way to go. The beta doesn’t expire until May 2005 so you can start now and be ready for the production version in time for your release.

Sadly, he does note some of the limitations that cannot be extended due to the current 32-bit architecture of the product (the 2 GB file size limitation). Steve Black recently noted on the wiki however that the overall size of VFP hasn’t changed despite all of the great feature enhancements (


Who knows … maybe if enough people get on the VFP 9 wagon, a 64-bit version might be in its future…

Naysayers may say that’s unrealistic but the fact that VFP is still around today as a viable app dev environment is something that a few vehemently said would never happen just a few years ago.

July 2004 – Letter from the Editor