FoxForward Starts…

Hey there Kevin , I hope the FoxForward FoxPro conference goes well. I’m looking forward to as many live blogs from the show as possible.

Oh yeah, and everyone should take the opportunity to say Hi to Kevin and congratulate him on those awesome VFP videos! What videos? These videos.

And hey wow! There’s a video as well for Southwest – wish I had seen that earlier.

1 thought on “FoxForward Starts…”

  1. Hey Andrew. This another one of several “Kevins” at FoxForward. We’re having a great time down here and we wish you were among the throng of attendees! I’ve been encouraging all of the attendees to blog about the conference. I’ve made my first blog over at I’m hoping other attendees have blogged as well. Take it easy! More updates tomorrow. -Kevin

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