Foxfire! 8.0 at LA Fox User Group

Chick is presenting Foxfire! 8.0 (after MANY permutations) at the LA Fox Users Group tonight.
Go Chick go!
This product, Foxfire!, has gone through so many changes in the past 2 years – but we’re almost there….the final steps towards release…
(for those who know it, it’s the death march….so close yet so far….)
From what I’ve seen, Burt Rosen may be presenting Stonefield Query tonight….that’s good. great even. Good for developers to know that above all the marketing and all the “what should I choose?” conversation, two companies show that there is room for two improved report / query builders in the FoxPro industry. (update: it looks like Burt is presenting FoxUnit – AWESOME!!! I Love Fox Unit –
(these notes were done prior to the presentation) – Stonefield and Foxfire! present two differing views of users, although their approach is similar. Both are Build the data dictionary to make it easier on the users.
One is tell us what you want, and we’ll build it for you (and of course, you can tweak it after we’re done)
One is build the report you want, and use it! (and of course, you can tweak it after it’s done)
The difference is simply in how you want to use it. Hell, I may be sitting in on the presentation tonight – if so, I’ll blog it as it goes along.