For Those Who Like To Hack VCX files: Figuring out OlePublic vs. Not

From time to time, I need to go traipsing through the VFP VCX file to find changes or look at deleted records. Recently, I had to change a bunch of classes to OlePublic so they would be exposed in C# code (for some reason, C# can’t see property objects the same way VB.Net can – still looking into that one)
For a few years, I’ve wondered why is there a COMMENT record underneath every class definition in the VCX file. Now I know, this is where OlePublic is stored (in the Reserved2 field).
So if you ever have to make a bunch of classes OlePublic and don’t want to take half a day and go through all your classes to do so, just open the VCX file and replace Reserved2 with OLEPublic (case sensitive).
REPLACE ALL Reserved2 WITH “OLEPublic” for EMPTY(reserved2) AND Platform=’COMMENT’
Then Compile the VCX file.
Just an interesting tidbit as you work….