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Flock Browser – Flock Wins Web Award at SXSW Conference | Flock

I’m not sure how many people are aware of Flock but after using version 1.1 for the past few weeks, I’m hooked.  So Congrats on winning the web award at SXSW.

Yes – Flock is simply Firefox with a bunch of extensions and some additional toolbars but I do find it makes the web browsing experience a much better place. I know I typically use this blog for VFP and FoxPro items but I figure, if you’re using a tool that you find useful, share it.

Some key takeaways that I find extremely valuable:
1. Built-in blogging support (as I’m doing now)
2. My World – which is just like having your own home page on a portal, only it integrates with your RSS feeds, News stories, Twitter and others.
3. Built-in email. While I typically have a web email page open at all times, the email link lights up to tell me when I’ve got new email.
4. The People sidebar – full access to Twitter, Facebook and other services.
5. Delicious built in.

Now some things I don’t use:
it’s RSS feeds – I’m still using Newsgator.
Media bar – just not that into YouTube or Flickr on a daily basis

And I wish it would allow additional accounts and services but then that might be an integration nightmare.

That said, there is only one extension I always install – the HTML Validator (you can find it under Firefox extensions). This is one useful tool for any one who does any kind of web work – it identifies all of the potential “offs” – such as missing tags, warnings for improper or proprietary (non-standard) tags and more.

Flock – if you’re using Firefox, check it out. PLUS it gives you one more browser that you can test your site’s compatibility with.

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  1. Hey, does the Facebook integration work for you? I can’t seem to get that working on any of my machines. (Only tried on Vista so far…)

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