Facebook Revolt – imeem alternatives?

When Scoble noted how Facebook under major revolt , I immediately thought of a site I found yesterday. The value offered by Facebook’s feeds however do seem very cool – if only they had been smart and made them opt-in, instead of opt-out.

I have been impressed though with Facebook’s opening of their API’s – they certainly get it that they need to open it up to developers.

I haven’t really explored this other site, beyond my first look. In some ways, I think the whole social networking site thing is just silly , but this site (imeem) definitely showed some value.

I could find music (as posted by the artist), it worked in Firefox and it allowed people to rank, add to delicious and more. And when I’m looking at someone, I can see what they’re up to (or rather what they allow us to see).

Anyways, you may want to check it out.